In order to help you achieve your goals of health, wealth and happiness we’ve assembled these tools. Please let us know how we can  further help you!

  • We post information on this website for you to access and use at your convenience.
  • We offer seminars where the principles of Divine Wholeness are taught in a fashion that can be easily and effectively applied and lived when understood correctly.
  • We have a healing clinic where individuals can go for private and personal care.
  • We take a large portion of what is made in both the seminars and clinic and offer free services in our own community and around the world to those in need of healing in all the three degrees of being: body, mind and spirit.

We invite you to participate to any degree that you would like. We feel it our privilege to share with all who are willing to know the Divine the things we’ve learned and applied to our own lives. Thank you for visiting our site.


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