Energy Work

Energy work is titled such because it exists more in the realm of life force and the power of the mind and spirit than it has to do with touch. In the world of energy, subtle is more powerful than gross or big action. For example the subtle force of faith is going to move a mountain faster than a backhoe but the backhoe we all will see and know the process by which it’s working. Energy work is more subtle but can be much more powerful if the practitioner is skilled.

Energy work is like the power of the mind and spirit combining and using the energy and spirit of the body to move and do things. There are many ways that energy is used in the body. With out the spirit or energy of the spirit the body would die. It must have the spark of life or vital force to live, breath and function.

There are energy pathways in the body that are stronger than others. For example the meridians are energy pathways that the Chinese found but which have been scientifically proven through studies to be real. They are places in the body that the energy follows certain points and avenues to animate the body. These points are found in the acupuncture points of the body.

This is not the only way to understand energy work. Energy can be understood by plugging in your computer, turning on your TV and listening to your radio. All of these things run from energy that we’ve figured out and harnessed with wires. Some energies like radio, blue tooth, and cell phones are sent through the air. No one doubts their existence because we can see the effects of these energies. but 100 years ago people didn’t believe they were possible either. Energy work is much the same. When we have experienced it, we believe it works, and anyone who’s received the benefit from it would not deny it’s power.

Any modality that unitizes the meridians, emotions (energy in motion), light hand touch or is considered a type of energy work.