Classes Offered

7 Elevations are offering seminars on Creation on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. Different series are offered. Each has several different formats (detailed below). There will be workshops in all formats and locations for practicing the principles taught.

Seven Elevations of Wholeness Seminars

  1. Understanding the Divine/Seven Laws to Improve your Relationship with God – Learn How God works, what He does and HOW He does it! A great man once said it’s only possible to have faith in God if we know His attributes. Also we must know how He works with us and what He does for us. We must also speak His language if we want to know Him well. There are seven elements to knowing the Divine. The Seven Elements to Understanding the Divine are: Desire, gifts, truth, grace, language, paradox and judgment. When we have mastered these we have mastered creation. Learning them is key to mastering them.
  2. Hearing the Voice of the Lord Through R&R&R– Each of us must know who we’re obeying, how we’re to obey and what we’re to do, and this can only happen if we can hear and know the voice of the Lord. We’re able to DO anything He asks us when we know His voice.
  3. The 7 Days of Creation – Learning the overview of how to create in the pattern of the Gods and using His Seven days of creation as a template for growth. If we know the pattern of creation we can create anything! If we don’t, we’ll wonder why we can duplicate any of our past experiences or others experiences. This pattern is the one God uses and the one that each of us must use if we want to be like Him.
  4. Exiting Babylon — There are things that happen when people exit the world and enter into a wilderness with the Lord. The wilderness experience has a pattern and proofs that show up to let us know that we are really living under God’s “cloudy covering by day and a pillar of fire by night”. To understand and be able to know where we are in our progression towards the promised land we must do certain things/steps. Those things/steps bring proofs that we are on the right path. In this class, we go over the steps and the proofs and learn the path back to the Promised Land.
  5. Body Elevations — To understand, heal, love and perfect our bodies is an important part of ascension. Without these things, we cannot hope to bring our lives into a place where we hold enough light to become whole. Loving our personal temples is important and requires depths of understanding of the self, nature, the Divine and the laws of health to master. We may as well start now. This course is an ongoing weekly course that is meant to be continually repeated until we reach our health and empowerment goals. It is one hour a week, with teachings covering the body, mind, spirit and emotions. The full course covers a 6 month period of time.
  6. 7 Virtues of the Divine Feminine & Masculine – How are we to interact with the divine in each of us? What’s different and what’s similar in the male and female psyche? How can we serve and love each other more fully so we can become ‘one’. How can we help heal each other? How are we to heal ourselves first so then we can bless our spouse?
  7. Healing Through Virtue and Faith – Learning the healing principles and applying them to yourself, your family and your community.
  8. Creating Divine Relationships – How to communicate with your spouse, friends, family, neighbors and with God in a divine way! Joyful relationships are key to a sweet life and a good relationship with the Divine. How can we do this? If we understand how to first take responsibility for ourselves, become empowered through Gods laws and pattern of creation, and if we know how to love unconditionally, then we can make our relationships a place where God will put His name and His seal. He will uphold us and help us become His people.
  9. Revelation Patterns and Principles — Receiving revelation can be frightening and overwhelming. It seems like others get more than we get and are able to understand what they get better than we do. In order to understand the different types of revelation, how to understand what we get and what to do with what we get takes some education. A few of the things we will go over in this course we go over the different types of revelation, the different forms that revelation comes in, how to increase revelation, how to receive revelation with others, and how to interpret dreams, visions, and the voice of God.
  10. Becoming One as a Group –  How to be one in a family unit and becoming a Zion person in your community. Zion is a big and lofty Goal. How do we interact with others and in a way that each person gets what they need and everyone is respected? How does Zion function?

Free Classes

We will still be offering free classes to the public. Times and course material will be announced on our menu under FREE CLASSES. Please visit this part of our website to find that information.

In Town Seminars

  • In town, two private appointments may be offered with each seminar.

  • In town, each class will be available in either a daytime/seven-week format, or a two and a half-day – Thursday night, Friday & Saturday, all day format – in town seminars can be given the appointments with practitioners.

  • Weekly seminars are held once a week for seven weeks.

  • The price for the first seminar starts at $350/per person with $50 off if you bring a friend/buy two classes.

Out of Town Seminars

  • Certified Teachers will be hosting classes all over the world. You will be able to find and register for those classes as they are available here on our site.
  • Only the two and a half-day weekend format is offered unless offered by a certified teacher in that area, then it can be a weekly course.

  • Out of town, no personal appointments will be given.

  • We will come teach out-of-town seminars as close as Lehi, St. George, Vernal, etc. If travel is not more than 1 1/2 hours from SLC we can do the 7 week format or the 2 1/2 format if a location is secured. If not then the 2 1/2 day format will be followed.

  • Out of town seminars have a minimum attending policy.

  • Same price of $350 for one person and 50 off for two attending together/Bring a friend.

  • Thursday Night from 6-10 p.m. Friday from 10-6 and Saturday from 10-6