About Us

The Mission of 7 Elevations

The mission of 7 Elevations is to elevate the individual through teaching individual wholeness which encompasses the body, mind and spirit. We do this by teaching the creation pattern and how it’s applied in each of those realms. The end result creates at-oneness with Self and God.

The Board

Karen Prier
is an expert in personal healing in the fields of body, mind, and spirit unification. She has written two books and is continuing to write several more on the topic of healing and change through a spiritual format. In addition to this Karen is full of enthusiasm and power that is contagious to seminar participants. Karen Prier is a licensed Massage Therapist specializing in clinical and orthopedic message. Her clinical expertise is focused on injury and chronic pain conditions. She has a very broad background that includes therapies such as Acutherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Joint Mobilization, Medical Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy/Trigger Point, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Spinal Touch, Swedish Massage and Touch for Health. She is also an herbologist and homeopathic practitioner. Karen has also developed one of the most comprehensive systems of dealing with the physical effects of emotional imbalance. This revolutionary system called R & R is able to empower individuals to eliminate the effects of emotional distress past and present. As a Dame in the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, Karen assists in the work of philanthropic outreach to all that require health and wellness, emotional or physical.

images-1Andie Prier is a gifted healer. She has a Degree from Southern Utah State University in Nutrition and a License in Massage Therapy from Myotherapy College of Utah. She also has her certificate in Naturopathy. Andie is gifted in Acutonics where she uses tuning forks on the acupuncture points. She is able to understand and teach her clients how to best deal with their emotional imbalances as well. She has been doing R&R with her mother for the past 10 years and has a better grasp on it than almost anyone else. Andie has an ability to see and feel her clients needs and can help them through the use of many modalities. She is a born teacher and helps her clients understand how to progress from where they are to the next level.

Robin Young

Susie Oaks

SaraLynn Watts