Creating Divine Relationships

Life is about relating to others. In fact, that is what we do the most in this life. When we do it well we have joy, but when we struggle in our relationships life can seem very bleak and difficult.

God has a pattern of how He relates to us and how He would like us to relate to each other and Him.  When we learn this Divine Pattern of relating to God, ourselves, and others we gain the vision of correct principles and practices that bring us into harmony in all our relationships. Increasing our ability to love and relate is an essential part of growth, confidence, and joy.

Some of the things taught in this class are:

  • How to heal our relationships with ourselves, God, and others
  • Where dysfunction starts
  • How to Create connection with God
  • Correct priority of relationships
  • How we increase revelation
  • Understanding of what stands in our way to getting what we want
  • How to bring peace into our lives and hearts
  • Understanding how to balance masculine and feminine energies and roles
  • How to gain and use charity

Come join us in finding the divine ways to understanding and being understood.