Hearing Gods Voice through R&R&R

Hearing the Voice of God is THE MOST IMPORTANT skill/gift we can gain in this life. Doing is good, but our exaltation all comes down to knowing God – the relationship we have with Him is what gets us into the kingdom. Everything else is secondary. We must know His voice, otherwise, we will not gain entrance into the kingdom.

The fear of being deceived is huge, but God has given us a pattern to follow so we are not deceived. This pattern He promises will guarantee our safety from evil forces that want to cause us to enter down dark pathways. It is the same pattern through which we can receive answers to prayers and know the truth of all things. Through this pattern, God vows to keep us in the light. Nothing can destroy His promises when we follow His laws.

This course is 2 days April 21 -22,  2017 and focuses on the patterns of getting clean before God (R&R – Repent & Replace) and the laws that govern revelation and receiving answers to prayer. The depth to which we can go with the Lord when we know His instruction on becoming clean and hearing His voice cannot be overstated.

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Watch our video below to get a taste of the life changing information that will be taught!