Understanding The Divine Class


Understanding The Divine is our most basic course, but also the most foundational. Without this information, we lack the understanding of how God works with us and how He speaks. Our perceptions are what we draw all of our experiences from, and when they are distorted, we cannot see clearly. This distortion is obvious in our relationship with God. Clearing up these perceptions opens the heavens for us and draws to us the power we did not previously know how to receive. There are seven fundamental laws, which when understood, help us know the Lord and understand how He speaks. These are Desire, Gifts, Paradox, the Language of God, Grace, Truth, and Judgment. When we follow these seven laws, we come to a new degree of understanding that elevates us and all those around us.

This course is offered twice a year in person and is also available on DVD, CD, and is the subject of the Book Understanding the Divine – Seven Laws to Improve Your Relationship with God. 

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