Body Elevations – Perfecting Your Body Thru Christ

We have had so much success helping women work through their issues with food, weight and their bodies. Here is a testimonial from one of our students:

Jan 2016
I need help!  I was in tears on my knees in prayer begging the Lord for help……I wanted so badly to be free.  Free from my addiction to junk food and overeating! Free from the 80+ extra pounds I was carrying on my body causing me to feel tired and have high blood pressure.  I wanted to be free of my emotional turmoil.  And lastly, free from financial bondage…that my obligations in this area would be lighter and easier to bear.
Shortly thereafter my sister invited me to Karen’s intro to her new ‘Body Elevations’ coarse she was offering. During her presentation I felt strongly that attending the class is what I needed to do.
I took this course mainly to find some tools and have some accountability to help me lose weight, but by week 2 I realized it was going to be so much more. I journaled, “I am realizing the habit’s I’m changing about the food I put into my mouth is being created and sustained more–not by will power and force but by changed desires from within–Power– God.!
I first was guided to become aware of who I was. What thoughts, emotions, and beliefs were keeping me in the lower energies of shame, guilt, and fear….and how that related to my present state of unhappiness, obesity, and struggles with food addiction.  The questions and activities in the homework were so amazing as to serve as a truly great guide in my soul-searching.  This Reflection and then  realization brought me to Karen’s every popular ‘R and R’. (Repent and Replace).  By the second week of class I journaled,  “I’m starting to shift as I do R and R daily. The Lord has inspired and helped my to know what to say, how to repent, and what to repent of.”
With every consecutive class I felt the spirit testify of truth.  With the Spirit and the collective support from Karen, Ali, Andie, and all the class members, I felt empowered to change.  And I did.  I let go of many negative emotions and false beliefs such as anger (at God and others), fear (of being desired, immoral, rejected), and the belief that I had no value and what I desired did not matter.  I realized I was using food to fill the void of love and connectedness I so dearly desired to feel from God, others, and myself.  I truly, sincerely repented. And the Lord, full of infinite goodness and grace accepted my offering and made me clean.
I can now say with true conviction that I love God, I love my body, my life, and my struggles with weight and food.
Now with clean hands and a grateful heart I feel open to receive all the Lord would feel to bless me with.  During and immediately following this course I will list a few of the ways he has blessed my life.
1) I lost 17 lbs during the course and a total of 22 lbs as of 3/18/16.
2) The cravings I had for sugar are gone.
3) I’ll be working days now starting in April instead of night shifts.
4) I sold my home and paid off a credit card. It sold for 10,000 over appraised value.
5) I moved by a gym and hired a personal trainer.
6) My left knee pain is treated and a will be a thing of the past.
7) My daughter is moved out on her own and both my children are receiving the help they need to overcome and progress.
Debbie Dudek
Come join us and change your life!
Watch the Body Elevations Preview Class Below:


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