The mind is a place no one can enter but the one who possesses it. Each individual is meant to control and manage their own mind in a manner that brings them peace, confidence, ease and joy.

The mind has two parts that function together and separate. These two minds are the conscious and subconscious minds. Most of the bodily functions are controlled by the subconscious mind while the choices, thoughts, beliefs and ideals are kept by the conscious mind. The question lies in how much power the conscious mind has over the subconscious mind and vic-versa. Do we believe the conscious mind can choose to cause the body to function either better or worse than it does? But of course! The mere act of taking care of the body with exercise, good diet, and respecting its boundaries are all conscious choices that affect the health, happiness and well-being of the individual. Choice can cause the body to thrive at higher states. Can therefore our subconscious choices affect our conscience mind?

The individual, through choice, is responsible for either the accumulation of truth and light or lies and darkness. Paradoxically this accumulation is always begun before they are accountable because they start making choices and forming beliefs at birth.