The body is the part of us that we see, feel, and interact with. It’s the part of us that gets the most attention because it screams the loudest. If you ignore your spirit you may not know that it’s upset for a long time, if we ignore  the body for too long it doesn’t let us get away with it. When was the last time you went without food for more than 5-6 hours that your body didn’t remind you to feed it?  The body wants to be the boss of everything. For the most part if we take care of the basic needs of the body it will put up with a lot of abuse and also pitch in when the other aspects of the person are struggling.

For example if we have a traumatic experience and don’t have the ability to handle everything for a while, the body will carry that trauma for us until we can deal with it and release the trapped emotion/experience. The body also helps us feel and recognize the spirit communicate with us. We feel the Spirit through the senses and experiences of the body.  The body is so obedient to what we ask of it that even if our beliefs are detrimental to our well-being, health and welfare the body will submit and find ways to align itself to those beliefs.

The body is an amazing tool that helps us learn, grow, progress, develop power, have experiences, love, and many more things. We need to take care of the body so we can live to our greatest potential.

Sadly enough, most of us don’t acknowledge the needs of our bodies, ignoring the body through ignorance or choice, trashing them until we’re unable to perform to our highest potential. If we want to develop into our greatest selves, learn the most in this life, serve others to a greater degree, or just experience life to its fullest, we must become accountable for and meet the needs of our bodies.

The modalities of the body are listed and explained below. Click on the one you are interested in for further information.