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Here are some testimonials about the Understanding the Divine Series:

“Every person would benefit from knowing and using this tool.” – M.H

  “I have loved every minute of these classes! I have learned so much and am so much closer to Heavenly Father. And I realize now how much I don’t know and how ‘huge’ God really is! Wow!” – S.S.

  “I now have amazing, effective, powerful tools to help me connect with God and progress.” – R. J.

 “I understand fully now that God only desires for my greatest desires from here and now as well as from the pre-existence, and I can only receive fully those desires by turning completely to him. After this class I feel I am just beginning to understand these life lessons so that I may be freed from the untruths of them that bring so much pain in life’s experiences.”  – K.M.

“[This class] has changed my entire life. Ask God for Everything!” – J.S.

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