Health & Wellness Coaching

Do you struggle to know what to do to lose weight, understand the needs of your body, what is true of all the health information in the media today AND have the self-control to be able to follow through with your health choices? Then we’re here to help! We’ve been trained in health coaching including nutritional balance, herbal supplementation, and classic Naturopathy, including the Zyto bio-meridian scanner. We can come up with the perfect health and eating plan for you. We would like to help you know which systems in your body are working properly and which ones are struggling. Once we’ve assesses these things we can suggest some herbal cleanses, whole food supplements, and health aids to support your wellness goals. No two bodies are completely alike, therefore it takes the time to figure out what’s happening in your body and what needs further support. We spend several sessions with you along this journey which give you the knowledge of what’s going on and also the support you need to stick with your goals.

One of the reasons many people crave sugary or salty foods has to do with their gut flora and the nutritional balance or imbalance in their diet. With a few suggestions you can begin your journey back into the health you’ve always wanted including weight loss, increased energy and pain-free movement. Starting simple and slowly moving into more complete eating patterns is what creates success. As health coaches we are here to help you in your health quest!