Bring In the Light Sale!


“Bring in the Light” Sale! During the darkest time of the year, we all need a little light! Especially spiritual light! We want to highlight a program we are featured in. It’s the Life Line Summit and Tomorrow I will be the featured speaker. Please click on the link below and register to watch. Because of this event, we are featuring the book at a price we’ve never offered it at before. Here is the link to the page to sign up for the summit. Free registration closes on Tuesday, Jan 31. After that, it’s a paid program. Get in now and get a ton of content from some pretty great speakers for free.

One Week Only Sale! “Understanding the Divine” book, now only 19.95. Regular price 29.95.  Buy one for your friends and family members. Here’s a link to the page to buy the book: Or click on the STORE tab above.

As a reminder, the 7 Days of Creation is in production right now and will be available in the next few days. If you want to get an advance copy of the DVD’s or CD’s, now is a good time to order them. You can find them under the STORE tab above or at this link:

Hurry this sale will only last one week. Jan 28-Feb 4


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