Books For Sale on Line!!!


It’s finally happened. The book is written, edited, designed, re-edited, and now finally PRINTED! It is such a relief to have it all done! But we’ve taken it one step further and now it is available on-line too! You can order it on this site under “Store”.

I must warn you, we have done a small printing of this first run due to high printing prices in Utah and we are about half sold out already. The next printing run will not be here for 4-6 weeks more, due to it being printed back East.

Also, we are offering the DVD’s on-line under the “Store” tab. The audio CD’s of the first seven classes will be done and available in a few days also. The last thing we are waiting for is the link to the Vimeo site where you can stream the classes to your iPad, laptop, Apple TV, or smart phone. That link will be up asap.


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